Pacer Instruments™ Precision Measurement Instruments

Miltronics Manufacturing, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of Pacer Instruments™ precision measurement systems. Our Pacer Instruments™ product line is best known for its precision anemometers available with integral hygrometers and thermometers. Miltronics has been providing high quality, high reliability B2B and B2C electronic products for over 28 years.


Precision Air Flow Measurement Instruments


Humidity and Temperature Measurement with Dew Point Calculation

Light Meters

Precision Light Intensity Measurement Instruments

Multi-Function Instruments

Temperature, Humidity and Air Flow Measurement Instruments

Particle Counters

Precision Economical Particle Size Measurement

Probe Heads

Extremely Sensitive Probe Heads for Harsh Environments

Sound Level Meters

Robust Digital Sound Level Measurement


Photo and Contact Rotation Speed Measurement Instruments


Temperature, Humidity and Air Flow Transmitters