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Miltronics Mfg., Inc. is pleased to offer full repair services for all instruments. These include all Legacy Series units made by Pacer Industries, items made and sold by Pacer Instruments and now, items from Miltronics Mfg., Inc.

We have a minimum $100 analysis fee. Much of the time small repairs are covered by the fee or it is reduced when needing new items such as a cable or probe. We will determine the exact cost of your repair and quote you, usually within 48 hours of receipt. If the product is to be returned after our analysis without repair, an additional $50 fee will apply.

We keep a healthy inventory of repair parts in stock for all products on our website to ensure that your service is timely and cost-effective.

Please Note: Repairs to older Legacy Products (made by Pacer Instruments, Inc. and Pacer Industries, Inc.) are limited due to many components that have gone obsolete. We will do our best to repair or inform you of a replacement model

To send in your instrument(s) for repair, please fill out the following SR Request Form.
Please note if you also require calibration, and contact us if you are sending more than five (5) instruments or for other special repair requirements.

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